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Welcome to Kompali!

Enjoy Tacos, Mezcal and Tequila. Kompali means "compadres" in Nahuatl, a language widely spoken in both central and western Mexico. It’s a reference to the friendliness and hospitality folks will find at the new taqueria. But it’s also a reflection on the friendship between owners whose common interests and family recipes have come together in magical ways at their restaurant C-Viche in Bay View.

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Kompali Menu

Kompali kitchen finds inspiration in the flavors of Mexico street food. Enjoy some of Milwaukee’s best tacos, and great drinks at our bar, all of this in a relaxed and fun environment that pairs perfectly with East Side atmosphere.

Paco Tacos

Our best section of traditional flavors and new exploration based on Mexico street food. If you thought on it we probably have it. You will love it!

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karlos taco

Karlos Tacos

Our exploration of Latin America put in a tortilla. New flavors in a Mexican traditional presentation. Your taco experiance will be unique.

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